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Bring in New Customers with Groupon

First and foremost, everyone loves saving money! Groupon is rapidly expanding on the mobile scene. Just in the mobile market alone, in 2014, Groupon racked up 10 million downloads of their app and more than half of all transactions were due to mobile use.

Mobile shopping increases each year with shocking rates and any advertisements on these mobile apps are that much more exposed to the consumer. Small businesses could exponentially benefit from this increased market. 

Another reason to consider advertising on Groupon, is the company rightfully boasts about emphasis on local business. The company runs on the idea of local
deals! Due to their ever increasing scale, Groupon has great access to both local and mobile markets, and they never substitute quantity for quality.
Groupon gets local names out there and makes them enticing to numerous audiences. Having a presence on Groupon is bound to be well supported. Having
Groupon promote your small business is a win-win transaction. They love supporting local companies, as their whole premise is getting word out there
about up and coming businesses. 

Additionally, Groupon’s mobile presence continues to grow and they have proven themselves as successful in this popular market. With your small business
advertising on Groupon, your consumer will be more aware of your product and more likely to trust it with a well-known backer like Groupon.

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