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Boost your Website Content: Here’s How

It comes as no surprise that high-quality content is an entrepreneur’s ticket to success – but what’s the best way to deliver compelling content on a regular basis?  Terrific writing, imagery, and video keep people informed, passionate, and involved – and there’s no better way to spread the word about new products and innovations. Below, we explore ways to enhance content, delivering targeted information and messaging to your potential customers and stakeholders alike.

    Embrace Mobile Promotions
    The mobile phenomenon has arrived, and it’s here to stay. Today, more than half of web users harness their smartphones to do their bidding. From shopping to social networking, chatting to reading the news, there’s nothing a smartphone can’t help us do – and that’s where targeted mobile promotions come in. Just think about it: Smartphones are the one thing we never forget to pack. They’re our constant companions—and marketers need to jump on board before they get left behind.

    Today, it’s imperative that promotions are tailored to suit mobile phones. Everything has to look good on a tiny screen – so you’ll have to rely on fewer words and less overall copy to get the message across. Still, optimizing for mobile makes sense for your bottom line—Emirates Airlines, for example, saw a 350% increase in engagements with improved, mobile-specific marketing.

    Keep Visitors Engaged.
    With interactive content, you’re more likely to sustain your visitors’ interest, even turning them into repeats. To keep people engrossed, remember that, according to the Content Marketing Institute, more than half the respondents in an interactive marketing study said they relied on interactive content to connect with and sustain their audiences. �۬

    When looking to make content interactive, think outside the box. Think of it this way: You’re starting to tell a story, but you’re letting your viewer finish. Invite visitors to comment on social media posts. Embed tweets onto your webpages on a rotating basis to attract likes and retweets. Share your expertise on Quora to attract followers and fans. Solicit viewer feedback however and wherever you can – including the humble survey.

    Create Content In-House.
    If you’re thinking it’s an impossible task to complete all your brand’s content yourself, your instincts are probably on point. Rather than jumping to outsource content production, though, consider bringing content production in house, starting with a small team. Third-party content providers can be difficult to work with, since they don’t understand your messaging the way you do. Instead, follow the lead of PepsiCo and Marriott, both of whom have created in-house content marketing teams to do the work of promoting their brands on a daily basis.
    Keep an Eye on What’s Trending
    By focusing on “trending” topics as you shape your content, you’re keeping your information relevant and your readers informed. Social media’s the wave of the future, so hop on board and harness all that Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more have to offer. Today, Facebook’s earned an 89% market penetration rate, which means that the vast majority of adults have logged in. The platform’s there for you to harness – and social media makes it easy to discover what’s popular, newsworthy, or revolutionary on any given day.

    As such, tying your content to trending campaigns, keywords, and issues makes sense. Take note of what people are paying attention to, then shape your content as such. Whether you’re commenting on new items or reshaping your own content to reflect what’s trending, you’re telling your viewership you’ve got your finger on the pulse.

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