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Boost Your SEO Strategy with Video

Videos are not to be underestimated when it comes to your SEO strategy.

Videos go so far as to help a business with SEO, brand recognition, and conversion rates. We will focus on SEO here today and the way video can be pivotal
in achieving success. 

First, videos are indisputably helpful with search engine results pages, or SERPs. Studies have shown that a website containing a video is 53 times more
likely to be ranked on the first page of a Google search output. With the growing emphasis on the quality of site content within Google algorithms,
informational videos that answer relevant questions are simultaneously crucial. This detail has impacted an enormous number of websites and puts pages
with video at a clear advantage. So what is the best type of video to use under these circumstances? The video should be short video snippets that are pointed, and transcribed, into a script on your page. 

The second reason behind the importance of video is simple—videos are more likely to lead to a click. They stand out, and video thumbnails are regularly used to gauge the clarity and relevance of a video. Embed videos directly to your website and make sure to add rich video snippets. 

Another quality of videos making them ideal for SEO is that they hold a viewers attention. The average amount of time a person spends on a website is only eight seconds. Videos increase the likelihood that someone will stay longer, thereby boosting the page authority. Page authority assumes that the longer a person stays on a webpage, the more relevant the site content is. When embedding a video, make sure it is placed above the fold and accurately titled, increasing the chances of someone both seeing and viewing it. 

The fourth and final piece of the impact videos have on SEO is that videos help build links. Videos communicate information quickly and in a very appealing, entertaining manner. This quality entices users, who as we remember, are the ones who build links across the internet for us. Make sure your embedded videos are of high quality and focused on specific and clear topics. Using video on your site is almost guaranteed to boost SEO. More and more, building SEO gets increasingly complex with growing Google algorithms. Videos are a simple tool that will rank your website in front of others.

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