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Boost your Quora Rank in Just Five Minutes A Day

When it comes to search engine optimization for your organization, the job is never done.The best SEO requires constant tweaks and updates to keep it current – a pressing task for the busy entrepreneur. But daily inputs – action items designed to push high-quality, relevant content – are what keep you relevant, so it’s important to dedicate time to your SEO. Below, we outline five easy ways to boost your Quora rankings – with only the minutes you’ve got to spare.


  1. Declare Yourself an Expert To quickly boost your page rankings, try bumping your page’s rank. Here’s how:
    First, enter your domain into, touted as a user-friendly, all-in-one marketing toolkit—with lots of free features. SEMRush uses the Organic Overview interface to display which pages rank for which words – and you can search anything.

    From there, set custom filters in SEMRush to reveal positions ranking between the 10 and 15 pos – essentially, the pages ranked on page two. Now, you can identify posts to use as “link fodder,” using them to enhance the quality of those lesser-ranking pages. Within the high-ranking posts, just insert backlinks to those you’re trying to bump.

  2. Bump Up in the Ranks.
    The best way to have more to talk about in your blog is to see more in the world around you. Whether you prefer other blogs, books, magazines, websites, or something else, just make sure that you are constantly reading. A great advantage can be gained when you take the time to read pieces you might not agree with or works that are atypical for your normal reading habits. The more you see and hear in your world, the more you will have to express on your blog. 

  3. Sculpt a Finer Profile.
    Do not remain trapped in the bubble of your own blog. Browse the content on all the available websites out there with daily contributions. This will help you get a sense of what people are talking about and what might be a relevant focus for you to try to write about. Even pay attention to the various styles and formats used by others to see how you might change up your own blog.  

  4. Follow the Trends.
    As you’re waiting for the coffee to percolate, make use of those lazy afternoon minutes! Employ the ‘skyscraper’ technique to boost your keywords’ rankings. 

    First, figure out which keywords you were aiming to rank for in your last post. In SEMRush, you’ll be able to explore those keywords within your Keyword Overview interface. Which posts are ranking well for that keyword? Choose five strong posts, then enter the links into MOZ’s Open Site Explorer, which will tell you which sites link directly to or from that URL. Now, your goal is to copy the backlink profile in your own site – and some outreach will be necessary. You’ll win some – and you’ll lose some – but this tactic ensures a boost in rankings. 

  5. Harness HARO.
    HARO connects industry experts with writers and editors seeking quotations and collaboration. Sign up for HARO’s free email, then wait for the prompts to come in. Editors from all corners of the globe will be reaching out for quotations from experts like you – and they often include links to your sites in their articles, op-eds, and blurbs. For optimal results, make it a habit of responding to queries as quickly as you can, and create a catchy subject line so the editor won’t be able to turn away. Keep the whole process short and concise – but don’t neglect the calls when they come through. Peruse the list, respond where you can, and move on with your day.
  6. Keep an Open Mind.
    When you’ve got free moments on your commute, take the time to learn. Expand your mind, your industry vocab, and your confidence. Peruse Quora alongside relevant websites and periodicals, soaking up all you can about whatever piques your interest. What are top bloggers exploring this week? What’s trending? Take it all in, and before you know it, you’ll be sharing your own original, high-quality content left and right.     

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