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Boost LinkedIn Engagement With Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn offers a great way to increase your company’s engagement with those in and out of your network by utilizing the Sponsored Updates feature. 

Follow these six simple steps to better promote your business through Sponsored Popular Updates. 

First, you will want to post an update on your own company page. There is no time limit for sponsoring an update through this LinkedIn feature. Any update
post on your company page can be utilized at any time. After clicking on your update, you will be prompted to choose target criteria. Second, you will
need to name your promotion when setting it up. Keep it simple to make it easier to copy later on. Third, you get to target your sponsored update.
There are a number of ways in which to target an audience, and you can play around with research to see what works best. Potential targets include:
location, age, gender, company, school, group, job title, and skills. The fourth step involves setting up payment for your advertising campaign. You
have the option of paying per click or per 1000 impressions. In its entirety, this will take only a few minutes to process and go live. For the fifth
step, preview your sponsored update for yourself to ensure that every detail is set. You will be able to view precisely what other users will see.
Finally, wait for the results of your sponsored update. You can assess your success through interactions as well as engagement rate. Make small adjustments
to your campaigns to reach a broader audience depending on when and where they have produced results. 

Sponsored Updates on LinkedIn is a very useful feature to promote your company and any updates you may have. Get word out there to those who already know
your business, as well as further reaching audiences with Sponsored Updates.

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