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Beyond a Mobile Website—Make it Mobile Optimized

While having a website that is compatible with a mobile interface is the first step, business owners and their website designers have to go one step further to make their site optimized for mobile viewing as well as desktop viewing. 

Mobile optimization focuses on the design and structure of a site, the loading page speed, and more, in order to make a site as appealing as possible to
mobile users. Page speed is of huge importance. With changes in connectivity and hardware as a common occurrence, page speed is key on mobile devices
and includes accounting for images, code, browser caching, and redirects. Do not block CSS, JavaScript, or images. Despite older warnings against some
or all of these elements, unblocking them is important now on mobile devices so that GoogleBot can see all available content. 

Make sure that you have a site designed for mobile viewing. There are a lot of factors, like simplicity, that make a mobile site significantly better,
so adjust your design accordingly. Stay away from Flash, as it might not be readily available on each user’s phone. Also, avoid pop-ups, as they are
more annoying and difficult to deal with in a mobile setting. 

In a similar vein, make your design easily clickable by touch. Navigating touch screens can be harder for some, so account for this in your design of buttons
or links. Optimize your descriptions of sites and the titles you give them. You are working with a much smaller amount of space on a mobile device,
and shortening or simplifying the information provided will help to not overwhelm a user. 

If you are a local business, focus on standardization and inclusion of your city/state in any metadata. Finally, look long and hard at whether you want
a responsive design or a separate site configuration. In most cases today, a responsive design will be the better choice. Keep in mind what it is like
to use your own mobile device and the day-to-day website issues that bother or surprise you. By keeping these factors in your design, along with the
ones above, you will take your site further in making it optimized for mobile users.

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