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Better Social Media Management

Scheduling is the key to a successful social media strategy.  

Your posts should contain a good mix of time-sensitive, in-the-moment information and basic information that can be planned ahead and scheduled.  An excellent way to organize your social media platforms is by using a tool that will aggregate your platforms for you.  

For example, Hootsuite provides a centralized dashboard so that you can manage all of your social media posting from one location.  It will also allow the pre-loading and scheduling of posts so that your social profiles don’t ever go quiet, even if you are tied up with something else for a time.  If you only have one account, this might not be necessary, but it is still recommended that you have a prepared list of posts at the ready and that you schedule time in your calendar or phone to remind you to post.  Consistency is important in any type of marketing and social media is no different.  Be sure you have an organized management system to help you succeed.