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Attract Leads By Targeting Commercial Keywords

When a person performs an online search for a product or business, he or she could have a varying amount of interest in pursuing a purchase. There are three main levels of search query that tell us a lot of information about whether or not an individual will end the search with a purchase. An informational search relates to searching for the answer to a question, a navigational search is in regard to seeking a particular website, and finally, a transactional search involves a search done in order to buy. Focusing on the commercial keywords associated with transactional searches is our focus today. 

Commercial keywords within this domain are broken down into two categories—buy now keywords and product keywords. A few examples of buy now keywords include: buy, coupon, deal, free shipping. These very important words signify that the person completing the search has already decided to buy a product and is now just looking for the means to do so, and perhaps to find a discount in the process. A few examples of product keywords include: brand names, best, review, top, specific product names. These product keywords are evidence of a person really looking into a particular product, trying to find out more information, and likely deciding whether he or she would like to buy said product.

Distinguishing between search volume keywords and commercial intent keywords can be a little challenging. While they are both important to spend time and money on, the most important feature is to have a mix of both types while understanding the power of them individually. Maximizing the amount of traffic that visits your website is, of course, indispensable to online success. The more people who see your company, the more people who will utilize it and make a purchase. However, sometimes just getting the general public in touch with your product is not enough. You will find a higher yield when using commercial intent keywords to target those who are already on the path to making a purchase. By seeking out these individuals, and placing your product information in front of them, you are only a few steps away from a conversion. Try out the power of attracting leads through targeting commercial keywords and you will see their potential!

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