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Apps We Can’t Live Without: Smart Tot Rattle

It’s simply amazing how much we depend on our smart phones these days. And if you told me I could also use my phone as a baby rattle, I would say I need to see it to believe it. And when I did, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Here is our next favorite app in our new blog series – the Smart Tot Rattle.

Smart Tot Rattle (Free for iPhone)


The Smart Tot Rattle features animated objects dancing over a high contrast black and white background with engaging sounds and a realistic rattle feel. Treat your baby to the sensory wonderland in Smart Tot Rattle. The engaging sound, movement and feel of this toy will captivate, entertain, soothe and delight your little one, as it increases brain development.

Used for Work or Play?

Used for Play: I use this app with my 5 month old daughter for play, but she is working hard to “catch” the objects she sees on the screen. And half the time she is trying to put the “rattle” in her mouth.

How did you find the app?

Word of mouth. My brother-in-law found it for his daughter and said it was a lifesaver when no toys are available.

Why you’re a raving fan?

This app is sometimes the only way to get my daughter to calm down if she works herself up into a frenzy.  I take it out and it gives her a distraction to focus on. Maybe it is the noise or the way the phone vibrates when you move it, I really don’t care because all I know is that it gets her to stop crying, almost instantly – a true miracle.

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