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Apps We Can’t Live Without: Dog Park Assistant

We are big fans of pets at the Champ office and they tend to visit often. Our resident dog expert (and official dog trainer) recently told us about this app and we know if she suggests something having to do with dogs – we better pay attention and you probably should too! See the details below in our next “Apps We Can’t Live Without” blog post on Dog Park Assistant.

Dog Park Assistant

($0.99 for the iPhone and Android)

Link for iTunes



Visiting the Dog Park? Keep your dog safe, make sure he is having fun, and get tips to train him to listen to you better, even around the distraction of other dogs. This app is filled with video clips and photographs of dog behavior and will help teach you how to understand dog play and dog-dog interactions better.

Used for Work or Play?

As a professional dog trainer and animal lover I guess you could say both. I use it to illustrate dog behaviors to my clients who might struggle to understand them without a video. I have also used it as an educational tool for myself.

How did you find it?

I took a seminar with the creator, Sue Sternberg, and I follow her online. She is nationally renowned for her expertise in dog-dog interactions.

Why you’re a raving fan?

I think every dog owner should have this app and should spend some time using it. It has taught me a great deal about how to keep dogs safe when they play. With the growing popularity of dog parks over the past decade, there has also been a steady rise in incidents where dogs are injured and in some cases killed in them. If more owners followed the advice in this application and learned about what behaviors are safe and dangerous in the dog parks, they could be more fun productive places for people to bring their dogs.

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