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Apps We Can’t Live Without: Cat Piano

Ralphie speaks! Ralphie “the SEO cat” is voicing an opinion in the Champ blog this week. While Ralphie may not have been able to physically scroll through the choices in iTunes, this app may have been pre-selected with this special cat just in mind. Ralphie’s owner Seth joins the fun during this review of Cat Piano.

Cat Piano

(Free for the iPhone)

Link for iTunes


Your pets will love Cat Piano. Play meow sounds and watch the fur fly. Muffy hiding under the couch? Coax her out with Cat Piano. It’s like having a sack of angry cats—in your pocket. Serenade your pets. Pacify your children. Start a band. This app is the cat’s meow.

Used for work or play?

Ralphie: Interesting question actually…sometimes I feel like I may have stepped into the Twilight Zone because I’ve never seen other cats hanging around here. Or it could be those crazy cats next door that got into the cat nip again. Although, most of the time I am pretty sure that this is a game for me to figure out where these “other cats” could be hiding.

Seth: Definitely play. But sometimes it’s necessary for locating Ralphie in the house, especially when it’s time to go to the V-E-T.

How did you find it?

Ralphie: Not sure about that…I’m a homebody so I don’t get out much.

Seth: A friend mentioned it to me one day and the app’s had a special spot on my iPhone ever since.

Why you’re a raving fan?

Ralphie: Well, I wouldn’t say I am “raving fan” because sometimes I simply want to take a nap in the sun and enjoy the peace and quiet.
Although, when it’s time to play I don’t mind play hide and seek with my friends, although sometimes it’s practically impossible to find them, they find the best hiding spots.

Seth: For someone that has only one cat in their household it’s always fun to see the reaction when Ralphie hears multiple cats meowing like crazy. And in reality it is a very practical app when I need to locate the little guy in the house – it lures Ralphie right out!

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