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Appeal to More Senses with Video

Ever start watching a video on YouTube and lose track of time watching video after video? 

This is a perfect example of the power that video can have on a user.  Videos not only retain users’ attention, but they also attract users at a more successful rate then text or image content.  There are psychological reasons as to why users are drawn to video.  The major ones are that as humans, we pay close attention first to other human faces.  This is something our brain is programmed to pick up on and the human face works as a focus point for our eyes. Next, humans are queued into body language and emotion.  Emotions are contagious and very appealing to us.  Once visually drawn in, learning information from another human voice can be more appealing to many than simply reading it. By using video on your site you can draw your prospects’ attention both visually and with sound.  Often you can relay information to them that is easier to understand than it might otherwise be. Video also has the advantage of being easily shared on social media and it can help draw new traffic to your site.