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Always Test Images In Your Facebook Ads

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a truism that remains extremely relevant in the world of advertising. 

Particularly, when designing a Facebook ad, businesses must take great care with what their 1,000 words are saying. The picture within an advertisement
is the first impression potential consumers or customers see, and there are only a few moments during which an ad has the chance to capture their attention.
It is a common mistake for advertisers to use images that they believe best depicts the product being displayed. However, research has shown that these
choices are not usually aligned with what the consumer would ideally see. Assuming that the image you simply think is best should be chosen for a Facebook
ad misses the mark, and can result in wasted time and money. Never skip the step of split testing any images that you intend to put on a Facebook ad.
You might be surprised which image is voted the most appealing. This information straight from the consumer audience is an opportunity to gain advice
from the exact people you are trying to attract.  

Simply because a specific image makes sense to you and your team to promote your business does not mean that it will appeal most to a greater audience.
By testing out potential images, and even phrases, on a representative audience, you will save time and money later by giving your consumers exactly
what they want. When you have the opportunity to test a number of images on an audience and see the performance rankings, you have a tool that gives
you an incredible advantage. This method even helps in targeting specific demographics of people, allowing you to see which images perform better among
particular groups of individuals, thus providing ways to specify the advertisement displayed to various groups. 

You want to grab the attention of those scrolling through Facebook. Additionally, the image that you present must be both relevant to the product you are
selling and those viewing it. Naturally, the image found most appealing by a test audience is more likely to succeed in these aspects. To test ad images,
create an ad set with three ads. Each ad should have the same headline and copy, but utilize a different image in each. Be sure that ad spend is equal
on all 3 ads so that the test is fair. Then, view your results! More information about what the consumer wants is almost always better. Split test
your Facebook ad images to vastly improve their effect.

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