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Aim For Smaller, Micro-Targeted Audiences With Facebook Ads

If  your business is aiming to reach the widest audience possible with a Facebook advertisement, you will lose the nuances that make more specific advertising so effective. 

The bigger the consumer population you try to reach, the more competitive the market is and the more money you will have to spend.

Focusing efforts in a more specific way is much more effective in successfully converting fans. A more generalized message feels less personalized to those
viewing it. All of the power of a Facebook ad lies in a microtargeted message. Referring to a grocery store, a hotel, or a potential job that exists
in a particular town is useless to anyone who does not live within that town or area. Create an ad targeted toward your ideal audience, then tailor
your ad copy, creative, and offer to specific areas and audiences. The attraction of this ad to individuals browsing Facebook will grow exponentially.

The more relevant an ad is to a person, the better it will perform. When appealing to Facebook users, you have less than a second to get their attention.
When a piece of information relates to someone’s identity, they will be faster to recognize it and more likely to take interest. If there is nothing
to grab hold of, then their attention will be diverted. Through creating several versions of a Facebook ad idea, and tailoring them with specifics
you can better attract a particular audience. If small audiences are the goal, higher conversion rates will be the outcome.

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