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AdTech 2009 – New York City

by Seth Worby

AdTech is the event for Digital Marketing – annually AdTech is the largest gathering of online marketers in one location – bringing brands, agencies, publishers and services providers together to share, network, learn and do business (

Champ was there!

AdTech 2009 - Showroom Where I parked - Took this picture of the street signs so I wouldn't forget (still got a ticket) AdTech 2009 - Showroom Empire State Building - Right outside the bar we went to the first night

Although overwhelmed when I first got to the conference, my first task was to register – not such an easy feat when over 10,000 people were trying to do the same thing. After waiting quite some time I got my chance at the kiosk of laptop computers that were set up for attendees to register; once I had my conference badge it was off to the showroom.

As you go down the escalator to the exhibiting hall you enter the room from above with a view of the madness through the glass windows. Once on the ground level with my badge around my neck – I started walking the room. Booth #1 = FaceBook, no surprise the biggest social media giant of our generation would have the best location at the conference. Continuing through the room was a challenge – as every booth was passed it needed to be carefully inspected for what the company was offering and consideration had to be given to every technology company for potential partnerships.

After lunch with one of New York City’s brightest lawyers and hours of schmoozing with the advertising giants such as: Google and my good friends at AdKnowledge – I decided that I had a enough free giveaways for one year and hit the road to try to beat rush hour in the Bronx on a Yankees game night – big mistake – my next mistake was stopping at Foxwoods on the ride back to Boston.

With yet another successful year of AdTech under my belt, I learned a few new things on this trip.

  1. You can’t park for free anywhere in Manhattan
  2. If you own a website – you have to go to AdTech
  3. Never split 6’s – dealer pulled a 21…. Meant it was time to go home

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