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Additional Ways to Build Connections with Twitter Lists

A great way to build your network on Twitter is through the use of flattery with other users you admire or want to connect with. Using Twitter Lists that are publicly available is a great way to do this. 

Start by creating a Twitter List that has a targeted name that will be clearly enticing to your target audience. Think of a name that will make them want to be on your list. For example, if you were hoping to target marketers specifically, you could create a list called, “Rockstar Marketers.” Next, you would start adding people to that list who you want to connect with. Whenever you add someone to any Twitter List, they are notified. They will see that you are trying to add them to a list called “Rockstar Marketers.” 

These users will be instantly flattered that you considered them appropriate for such a list, and be more likely to start following you. Just as in real life, people love to be flattered over social media. By creating a Twitter List that evokes such flattery, you will be on your way to increasing the number of connections you are building. First of all, just by creating an isolated list at all, you are creating an air of exclusiveness, suggesting that only certain people belong on such a list. Then, second of all, you are boosting someone’s ego by specifically inviting them to that exclusive list, showing them that you think they belong there. This whole process creates a reciprocal relationship of respect and flattery and will definitely increase the chances of others following your Twitter account. Try creating a flattering Twitter List today and watch as your social media presence expands.

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