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A Day in The Life as a Champ Employee

Each day starts by walking up to 55 Chapel Street in Newton. Nestled in an old converted mill building, Champ’s interior is a mix of rustic wooden beams and modern flair. The building has a café that features a different pop up restaurant every single day. A free gym is also available! I usually try to hit it up before the work day starts, but other people prefer an early evening workout.

The entrance at 55 Chapel

Before reaching my desk, I make sure to say hi to Karma, our office dog. She’s a very good girl, yes she is. I then check my calendar, emails, and get started on the day’s tasks.

Karma makes sure everyone gets their daily d’aww in.

Weekly meetings take place around the central office ping pong table, and our CEO Seth Worby will make everyone egg sandwiches for breakfast on a whim! Speaking of food, we all appreciate a good meal. Free snacks are abundant, and we have two ways to keep caffeinated. Either a convenient Keurig, or a traditional drip coffee pot are always available. I’m more of a tea person myself.

Getting some games in!

The best part of working here is definitely the people! We’re a smart, motivated and eager group. Don’t let our casual dress fool you, we mean business!

Some of the team at a BBQ!

Do you want to work for a company that is forward thinking, works with diverse clients, and prioritizes a work/life balance? If so, Champ is the ideal place to be! Our clients are top notch, and you get to become familiarized with a variety of different businesses. The work is fulfilling, and we’re continuously growing. Don’t worry though- that amazing startup feel is still present.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of our team, check out our Careers Page and send along your resume! We’d love to hear from you.

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PO Box 95240, Newton MA 02495 | 617.517.0733
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