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7 Newsletter Examples Designed and Delivered by Champ

by Brooke Christensen

Email. It’s part of your audience’s daily routine. Make sure you are too.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite email newsletters from the past few months that we’ve designed and delivered to inspire you to make the best email
newsletter for your company possible.

1. Viya

Make sure emails are optimized for every screen. Viya is a telecommunications company that has customers looking to make the switch to their network on
every device. We help them communicate to prospective clients with a simple design and call to action.

2. Haircuts, Ltd.

Haircuts, LTD. provides quick, convenient cuts for everyone. They reach their customers every month with reminders of why they should return for that trim,
or buy new hair products. With compelling images and simple call-to-actions, we are able to help them see amazing results on their email campaigns. 


3. Royal Caribbean

What’s more luxury than designer jewelry? When creating the Royal Caribbean email template, we wanted to show off that luxurious feel digitally. A simple
preview will leave customers wanting (or hopefully clicking) for more. We keep their email campaigns short and beautiful to draw in customers interested
in their duty-free jewelry.


4. Z-Wave Products

E-commerce is a standard for email marketing. We send regular email campaigns for Z-Wave Products to educate and inspire customers on what new products
they may need for their smart homes. It also helps show customers what they can buy or use together. We’ve seen the most success with featuring the
products that are on sale like this one below.


5. Grand Jewelers

Grand Jewelers has had tremendous success in asking their customers to give reviews or follow them on social media in their monthly newsletters. Customers
respond to the warm messages sent by the Grand Family and often shop the monthly deals and highlighted jewelry pieces. 

6. Higher Precision

The metrology e-commerce store Higher Precision keeps a nice balance of educational content and featured products in their newsletters. They also make
all of their newsletters available on their website for their customer base. You can see more here.

7. Imperial Jewelers & Dynasty Dazzlers

The minimal design in this jewelry company’s newsletter gives the impression of a high-end, yet down to earth business. It’s also clear what they want
their readers to focus on. By keeping the island feel in the design and often feature pictures of their store and employees, we are able to seamlessly
convey the brand’s culture and what they offer.

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