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You’ve Got Email: 5 Newsletter Examples Designed & Delivered by Champ

by Brittany Nissen

Email is an essential part of the day-to-day lives of your customers, and a crucial part of  a smart and effective marketing strategy. 

Email is unique in the way it meets your customers where they already are and can be tailored to match what your audience wants to see, explore, and experience the most. Not to mention, it’s cost effective, fully customizable to your brand, and a great way to generate engagement (and conversions!) with the correct strategy and execution.

So, what can you do in the inbox? Check out a special collection of some of our favorite emails we’ve designed and delivered below

1. Grand Jewelers

Grand Jewelers sees great success month-over-month by highlighting their family-centric company culture, passion for providing above-and-beyond customer service, plus brilliant pieces of hand-selected jewelry that speak for themselves. Customers respond to the warm messages by offering reviews about their shopping experience and often shop the monthly featured online deals.

2. Melvin Village Marina

Melvin Village Marina has a lot to share with their audience (an incredible stock of new and pre-loved boats, plus boat rentals and chartered water sports lessons!) which made it imperative for us to combine compelling and informative copy with a beautiful template design that feels natural for the eye to follow.


3. Royal Caribbean

What’s more luxurious than designer jewelry? When designing the look and feel of the Royal Caribbean emails we wanted to exemplify the sense of luxury and sophistication that comes each time you slip on a high-fashion timepiece or fasten a diamond tennis bracelet. A simple HD preview that focuses visual details will leave customers wanting, and clicking, for more.


4. Higher Precision

Communicating high-level technical information in a grab-and-go yet highly valuable and compelling format is key for metrology e-commerce store Higher Precision. Balancing educational content with featured products in their monthly newsletters helps keep their audience engaged while learning about how state-of-the-art tools and trusted brands can help improve their operations.


5. G. Greene Construction

With nearly 60 years and three-generations of trusted experience under their belt, G. Greene knows what it means to provide the utmost quality, safety and professionalism when it comes to building and maintaining New England infrastructure and beyond. G. Greene’s newsletters expand upon this long-earned trust with employee highlights, educational content surrounding the construction industry and the tradespeople who make it function, plus progress updates and highlights of multi-industry projects.

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