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5 Ways To Add Credibility To Your Blog Content

Credibility has become permanently intertwined with the definition of high quality website content. The quality of written content is as important, if not more so, than quantity when developing or improving your website. Showing the credibility of the information you share online in blogs or articles, as well as the resources you refer to, is very important. We would like to offer five surefire ways to add credibility to your blog content.

  1. Report from original, high-quality sources. In this day and age, there might be infinite resources available on any one topic. However, by no means is each of these sources of the same quality. Sticking with authoritative and trustworthy sources like university websites, original research study articles, reputable news articles, government sources, and trade associations, you will be working with information of a much better status. 
  2. Talk to experts. Citing experts in the field, no matter what you are blogging about that day, is a great way to show credibility. By seeking out professionals on the topic you are showing that you went straight to those who know the most. You might post an interview with an expert, or just a quote. Additionally, you could introduce multiple expert opinions on one particular concept, sparking conversation. 
  3. Fact-check everything. Any mistakes within a blog or any other website content will lead a reader to question the rest of your work. Double and triple checking what you have written for both accuracy and truth will be pivotal to successfully creating a vibe of credibility. Taking this extra step now will certainly pay off later. 
  4. Incorporate stats and numbers. Using facts and numbers to support your blogged information is a great way to show you know what you are talking about. As mentioned before, make sure the statistics you do refer to are coming from authoritative sources. Presenting stats is a great way to reach a wider audience and to show your content in a new way. 
  5. Offer different viewpoints. While your website or blog is yours to do with what you want, voicing opposing opinions, and even offering some information supporting each, will make you seem more credible in your final position. Showing that you have looked at the issue from all sides and really considered how other people might feel about it will give you an air of maturity and make the conclusion you reach more validated to your audience.
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