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4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Web Design Team

There are many elements that contribute to creating a successful design experience — form and functionality probably ranking the highest on your
design team’s list. At the start of your project, your creative team will ask a series of questions to uncover your likes/dislikes and determine how
to proceed with creating a visual theme best suited for your specific style and needs. While it isn’t necessary to have specific design knowledge
or savvy, paying special attention to these four areas will help you get the best results from your web design team.

Visual Identity Branding

Does your current company or organization have an established logo or brand? If so, you most likely have established brand standards guide specifying
typefaces, color palettes, taglines, etc. Your brand will be showcased as the heart of your website so it’s important to share any and all
visual identity branding info.

*Note: If you do not already have an existing logo or identity brand, take some time to establish some basic guidelines with your creative

Communicate Your Likes and Dislikes

Designers are highly visual thinkers and often thrive on seeing examples for frame of reference. Feel free to show samples of website designs you like
(or don’t like) and be prepared to point out your preferences. An example may be: I don’t like this website because the colors are too distracting
or, I really like how this website is full-width and the image spans out to the edges. It’s important to also keep in mind your own specific brand
and how it will work together with your visual preferences. 

Simplicity is the Ultimate Form of Sophistication — (Leonardo Da Vinci)

Truer words have never been spoken. Often we try to over complicate and fit too many visual elements into a small area of space. The more visually complex
your site becomes; the harder it is to communicate your primary messaging. Simply put, less is more!

Your Design Team IS Your Trusted Partner

Designers instinctively want you to have the best looking, best functioning site and therefore will often seek out industry standard best practices.
For example, if there are certain typefaces or color palettes that might feel too overwhelming, they will make recommendations on how to
proceed within best practice guidelines. It’s important to note that your design team is not only your creative “hand” but your trusted partner
who wants you to have the most successful design experience you possibly can. 

Have fun and happy designing!

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